Menai Strait Pilotage District

Pilotage Regulations 2018

Pilotage Directions

Pilotage is compulsory for the following category of vessel within the Menai Strait between Puffin Island and Caernarfon Bar:

  • Passenger vessels over 20 metres in length.
  • All vessels over 1500 G.R.T.
  • Vessels carrying hazardous cargo.


Additional for vessels making passage through the Swellies Channel:

  • Every vessel holding a passenger certificate and carrying passengers (Exemption certificates may be issued).
  • All vessels in excess of 3.5 metres draft and/or 50 metres in length and/or in excess of 500 G.R.T.


Pilotage Charges – 2018-19

The charges specified in this list shall be payable in respect of services used on or after 1st April 2018. References to the tonnage of a ship are references to the vessel’s gross tonnage ascertained in accordance with the International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships 1969.

Services of a Pilot:
  1. For piloting a vessel from sea to berth or place within the limits of the Pilotage District, or vice versa, 17.59 pence per Gross Tonne, subject to a minimum of £152.28.
  2. The charges for berthing a vessel from anchor off berth at Caernarfon or Bangor shall be an amount equal to one half of the applicable pilotage charge as calculated under item 1.
  3. If a Pilot is detained on board a ship at the request of the Master, a charge of £23.67 per hour will apply, provided that no charge shall be made for any period of less than 1 hour.
  4. If, on attending an outward bound vessel by request, a Pilot’s services are not required, a charge equivalent to one third of the applicable Pilotage charge as calculated under item 1 will apply.
  5. If an order for a Pilot for an inward bound ship from Sea be cancelled, then a cancellation fee of £40.00 may be charged. In the event that the pilot launch has been mobilised towards the pilot boarding station and a Pilot’s services are not required (due to the non-arrival of the vessel on the tide on which it was due, or for any other reason whatsoever) a charge of one half of the applicable Pilotage charge as calculated under item 1 will apply, together with a charge of £206.29 for the pilot launch.
  6. Services other than the above can be made by arrangement with the Harbour Master, Caernarfon.
Pilot – Shipping or Landing Charges:
  1. The charge for shipping or landing a Pilot, whether to or from Sea OR to or from anchor off berth shall be £206.29.
  2. The charge for shipping or landing a Pilot during the hours of 1900 to 0700 shall be £236.75.


Payment of Accounts:

All Charges for Pilotage or shipping/landing a Pilot should be settled within 30 days of invoice.