Menai Straits Code of Conduct

There is a 5 knot speed limit in the areas highlighted below, which applies to all vessels except those:

  • (i) used by search and rescue organisations.
  • (ii) of the Caernarfon Harbour Authority.
  • (iii) of HM Customs and Excise.
  • (iv) vessels under sail.
  • (v) used as safety boats by Yacht and Sailing Clubs and other such organisations when engaged in operations where complying with this Direction would inhibit their ability to fulfil their function as a safety boat.

Please be mindful of your wash. It may be necessary to slow down below 5 knots to limits the effect of your wash.

Please be respectful to other water users at all times. Any vessel contravening these regulations will not be afforded the right to navigate within the Harbour limits.

Please also ensure you are familiar with the Power Vessel Registration System and Regulations.

This chart is NOT to be used for navigation