Please return the completed form to Caernarfon Harbour Trust, Harbour Office, Porthi Dre, St Helens Road, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, LL55 2YD. Once the form is returned an invoice will be issued by email to the email address provided on the form and upon the balance being settled in full the permits will be released by post.

If you prefer we can accept a photograph of the signed application emailed to

Alternatively please complete and return the registration form along with a cheque for the appropriate amount payable to Caernarfon Harbour Trust.

Please fully complete the application form.

The annual registration fee is  £37.80 per vessel.
Replacement stickers are £37.80 (small/large/both).

If you have already registered with Gwynedd Council, Anglesey Council or Conwy for the current year then there is no need to register with Caernarfon Harbour Trust. The registration systems are equally recognised by each Authority.

As part of continued efforts to provided a unified registration system, it is very likely that we will adopt the same pricing structure as Gwynedd Council for the 2025/26 season.

To authorise power vessels to navigate within the Harbour Limits, all day launching vessels will be required to register with either YHCHT, Gwynedd Council,  Anglesey Council or Conwy Council and display the appropriate registration permits for the current year. The appropriate registration permits must be displayed in a visible position on the port and starboard side of the vessel above the waterline.

Please be mindful of the speed limits and be respectful to all other water users.

Speed Limits

Please also take the time to consider the Menai Strait Code of Conduct.

Menai Straits Code of Conduct