Annual Charges
1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024

Harbour Dues: £32.83 per metre per annum. Payable by all vessels/craft greater than 5.0 metres length overall (LOA), wherever moored within the Harbour Limits of Caernarfon Harbour Trust.

Mooring Fees: Vessels/Craft on CHT Mooring Buoys or Quay Berths: £97.49 per metre.

Mooring Fees for Small Craft: Vessels/Craft up to 5.0 metres LOA using CHT moorings lying on the foreshore adjacent to the Aber Swing bridge: £110.46.

Vessels above 5.0 metres LOA will be charged the Mooring Fee and Harbour Dues per metre.

Annual registration of PWC and Power Boats  £35 

Methods of Payment: If the customer wishes to pay via Standing Order over a 10-month period from April to January inclusive a 10% per cent Administration charge will be levied.

Visiting Pleasure Craft – CHT Moorings
Daily rate Weekly Rate
Winter Storage – from October to March at the following rates
Description Charge
Craning in/outTBC  each way
Storage ashore £44.49 per metre fixed fee
Pressure wash £9.50 per metre
Stepping/un-stepping mast£90.63 Owners must use rigger.

VAT: The above charges are inclusive of VAT currently at 20%.

Terms and Conditions: all goods and services are sold subject to our terms and conditions of trading (copies available by request).

Payment: bankers draft/cheques should be made payable to: Caernarfon Harbour Trust