Victoria Dock: The North West’s Premier Marine Destination

Requirements and General Conditions.

Gwynedd Council are the owners of the Victoria Dock which was opened in 1996 and is managed by the Caernarfon Harbour Trust on their behalf. Any person wishing to berth their vessel in the Victoria Dock must submit an application form.

It is the current policy of Gwynedd Council that permanent residents of Gwynedd who submit an application are given preference above all others on the waiting list once an initial period of 12 months has passed.

A refundable deposit currently set at £100 is required to secure your application onto the waiting list.

Applications are secured in position on the waiting list by date of application and are filtered into the respective vessel size categories should there be sufficient vessels on the Waiting List to warrant this.

If any current Berth Holder requires a bigger vessel then their original application can be re-submitted onto the list together with a deposit of £100 to secure that position and any vacant berth will be offered to them prior to applications on the list that are above or below them.

Berths vacated by the above will then be offered to the respective size vessel on the waiting list.

For operational reasons if a Berth becomes available then vessel suitability for a particular Berth allocation i.e.; draught, weight or size will be taken into consideration before contacting applicants.

The Victoria Dock waiting list will not be available to view due to the Data Protection Act 1998.

Multihull vessels that apply for a berth in the Victoria Dock will be charged the normal rate for each hull should they accept a berth offered to them that takes up the space created for 2 vessels.

Currently no applications will be accepted for PWC’s.

Currently no applications will be accepted for any commercial vessels.

The above requirements and general conditions will be reviewed periodically and if necessary can be updated without notice.

You accept these conditions once your application and payment are received.

If any clarification is needed regarding these requirements and general conditions then please do not hesitate to contact the Dock Master.